Blithe cosmetics is inspired by the colorful lifestyles of urban women. City women have various dreams and take on different roles such as student, worker, housewife, daughter, wife, and mom. They also have different skin problems, and this also changes from time to time depending on an irritating urban environment. Independent women who have the passion to realize their dream and who are in search of their own color in the midst of their busy city life – we call them Blithe People, who become a colorful painting when they are together, offering inspiration and helping each other.


Blithe’s beauty routine has been simply reconfigured and optimized for the busy lives of urban women. Start and finish with a simple 2-step skincare routine! Splash Care Skincare begins with washing the face or taking a shower as the steps when our body comes in contact with the most moisture. Low-irritant cleansing purifies sensitive skin caused by daily city life and helps skin capture moisture and nourishment inside of skin. Pressed Care In-wash care strengthens skin’s regeneration ability by delivering the nourishment of highly concentrated natural ingredients fast and deep into skin. The multi-tasking product reduces the steps of unnecessary product use and physical irritation; thus saving time.


Each product of Blithe is independent, resembling city women who are full of independence and individuality. Blithe’s products are not only made with natural ingredients but are also created to serve multi-tasking functions. They are excellent in the aspects of nourishment, function, and texture and can be used singly or matched with other products of Blithe depending on each person’s preference and skin problem.


Blithe explores natural ingredients from clear areas with longer life expectancy around the world in search of energy that will restore vitality for tired skin. It finds natural ingredients with excellent life energy such as Chaga – a medicinal mushroom growing in the Tundra region of Siberia under a harsh environment – and Ice Plant, which can survive in the desert. It gets inspiration from the traditional beauty secrets of different countries around the world and reinterprets them from a modern perspective. Blithe’s products, developed by Korea’s best researchers, are made following the most optimal recipes that increase the absorptive and content of natural extracts while maximizing their effectiveness.