Dr.Jart+ delivers high-performance skincare innovation with a playful, artful twist. This unique fusion of skin, science, and art inspires the meaning behind our name: “Doctor Joins Art.” Dr.Jart+.

In the BB beginning…

Founded in 2005 by architect Leeo (Chin Wook) Lee, Dr.Jart+ has always been an unexpected skincare brand. And Leeo is an unexpected founder. It was while working as an architect in Seoul that Leeo discovered a blemish balm used during professional facial treatments. The blemish balm was a skincare spot treatment, which also had the visual benefits of makeup. While the balm was only available in clinics, Leeo was inspired by how this hybrid product could simplify beauty routines. He left his career in architecture to pursue his idea, working with the labs until he had reinterpreted the blemish balm into a Dr.Jart+ BB Cream that brought skincare and makeup together in one simple step for consumers to use at home. Leeo’s dream for Dr.Jart+ was much bigger. Leeo envisioned Dr.Jart+ as a life-enriching derma skincare brand that would bring consumers the latest technologies and most advanced ingredients, while sharing a positive spirit that made skincare wonderful and welcoming to all.

Expect the Unexpected

At Dr.Jart+, we are constantly inspired by the latest advancements in aerospace, materials science, microbiology, and beyond for our products. Infused with proprietary complexes invented in Dr.Jart+’s skin-science labs, we specially formulate every product to deliver the ultimate in at-home derma care. Then, we design delightful, modern, and playful packaging to enhance the experience.