Takes Its Root in 1899

The precious root. Donginbi's story began in its pursuit of red ginseng treasured within this root. This journey continued on for a long 120 years. But those times were sincere as the rareness of red ginseng has been comprehended. The creation of Red Ginseng for External Use that used to soften rough skin reaches bak 100 years. Every step of time and science like adds up to develop a beauty. That is, Donginbi.

Embodies Noble Energy of Red Ginseng.

The more genuine, the more perfect. In an effort to create an premium skincare solution, Donginbi's 120 years of scientific technology marks a new era. It is the completion of '1899 Tech', with three signature ingredients. It's the breath that delivers condensed energy of red ginseng to the skin, and a complete from of remarkably advanced red ginseng technology.

The First Signature Ingredient

The true power of condensation, collected one drop per root. The first to be completed by 1899 Tech to earn a more condensed, more enriched ingredient is red ginseng oil. In its continuous study on red ginseng, Cheong-Kwanjang Lab made the discovery that oil can be extracted from red ginseng. From the enlightenment to the creation of the original red ginseng oil, donginbi has repeated research and innovation. only one drop per root. it was the boldness and the persistence within donginbi that instilled thos drops to its products.