Revolutionary bioscience technology restoring and healing your skin, a living bio-organism to deliver fundamental skin solution

About Brand

Iope provides reliable and accurate daily solution for your skin through in-depth skin research based on plant science. Research that starts with people and science based on plants – ‘People, Plants and Science’ is Iope’s philosophy. Iope researches the powerful survival activities of plants that have adapted and overcome the changes of nature for a long time and the technology to convey the survival energy to our skin as it is. Iope has defined the plants that have been proven effective on skin for a long time in Asia as Super Plant, proposing them as solutions to various skin problems. The skin research data and skin report (report on Asian women’s skin issues) over more than 13,000 Asian women are Iope’s significant asset accumulated since 1999 to find solutions for Asian women’s skin problems. Iope aims to complete the optimal skin science based on a perfect balance of plants, science and people.