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Belif-Stress shooter - cica soothing toner 200 ml

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Discover the soothing touch of Belif Stress Shooter - Cica Soothing Toner, a skincare marvel designed to rejuvenate sensitive and tired skin. This lightweight toner is your secret weapon in achieving a calm, refreshed complexion, effortlessly blending into your Korean skincare routine.


  • Soothing Sensation: Ideal for sensitive skin, providing a gentle, calming effect.
  • Regenerative Properties: Helps in skin regeneration, restoring vitality.
  • Lightweight Texture: Ensures easy absorption without burdening the skin.
  • Rich in Active Ingredients: Contains Calamine Asiatica extract and Madecassoside for enhanced skin benefits.
  • Napiers Formulas: Infused with Napiers aqua and original formulas for optimal skin health.

How to Use:

  1. After cleansing, take an appropriate amount on a cotton pad or palm.
  2. Gently pat over the face, ensuring full absorption.

Key Ingredients:

  • Napiers Aqua Formula
  • Napiers Original Formula
  • Calamine Asiatica Extract
  • Madecassoside

Full Ingredient List:

Napiers aqua formula
Napiers original formula